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Got any burning questions about GlobalEx? Here we try to answer any gaps you might have in your knowledge about AMSA’s newest initiative.


If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us from ‘Contact’ in the menu above, and we’ll answer your query swiftly!

GlobalEx FAQ


Where am I going to stay in Melbourne?

We've organised accommodation for delegates at the Space Hotel in the centre of Melbourne. The Space Hotel features excellent hospitality and amazing facilities in an unbeatable location- and the GlobalEx team is excited to stay at Space with you!

What will the academic program involve?

Approximately half of the academic program will comprise of a series of plenaries, forums, interviews and discussions with a range of global health leaders. Additionally, this half of the program will have a heavy focus on hands-on skills development sessions.

The second major component of the academic program will consist of a project development workshops in small groups of approximately 8 delegates, spread across the three days. Each group will focus on one global health issue. These groups will be taken through a process of brainstorming, project design, and development. Delegates will create and deliver a project “pitch” at the conclusion of the seminar, which aims to develop vital presentation skills. These projects may be provided with mentorship and/or funding at the discretion of a panel of social entrepreneurs and global health leaders. This will allow GlobalEx to have a significant impact on our global and local communities within AMSA, MedSocs and GHGs – and will provide students with a “live” opportunity to develop their leadership and collaboration skills.

What else does AMSA have to offer me in terms of global health?

Among much more, AMSA has another major global health event, GHC, and another new initiative in the form of AMSA Academy.

GHC 2014: Jump in!ghc logo

From the 5th to the 9th of September, Sydney welcomes over 500 global-health-loving medical students from around the nation, for the Australian Medical Students’ Association’s 10th annual Global Health Conference! Count down the minutes to four inspiring academic days, five out of this world social nights, and one mind-blowing Challenge Day. GHC is going to be bold, different and special.

AMSA Academy

AMSA Academy aims to educate, inspire and connect medical students on issues that are important to them. It is designed to engage Australian medical students with AMSA on an educational level, whilst providing the framework to further professional development of vocational interests and skills. Most importantly, it will encourage students to become future leaders and agents of social change. amsa academy The idea of the AMSA Academy is to provide a consistent educational resource for students to complete across all universities. It is our vision that AMSA Academy will be a thriving hub of knowledge gathering and sharing for medical students across Australia. To register head to our website: and get excited!

Who is GlobalEx facilitated by?


GlobalEx is brought to you by AMSA and AMSA Global Health (AGH).amsacombined


What are important GlobalEx dates?

Applications for GlobalEx close April 12 (subject to change). Successful applicants will be informed of their selection soon afterwards. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified.
GlobalEx will be held July 25-27! We look forward to seeing you there.

If selected, how much can I expect to pay?

Please be aware of the following costs for accepted delegates for GlobalEx 2014- we have tried to make the event as cheap as possible for you, but we don't want any unexpected surprises!
  • Interstate guests will be expected to cover flights
  • $190 for registration fees
  • $109 for accommodation fees
  • Transport to and from the accommodation in Melbourne
  • One dinner on the Friday night which is not included in the registration fee
Accommodation, social venues and academic venues will all be within walking distance in the Melbourne CBD. Information regarding the use of public transport will be provided in the event of inclement weather.

Where will GlobalEx be held?

nossalIn its inaugural year, GlobalEx will be held at the beautiful Nossal Institute of Global Health at Melbourne University. The Nossal Institute is driven by health equity, sustainability, partnerships, knowledge, integrity and stewardship, all concepts we aim to reflect at GlobalEx. This picturesque setting will play host to a hugely exciting group of students passionate about global health that we hope you will be a part of!

For a more specific location, check out our 'Contact' page. Delegates will be hosted within walking distance of the venue, and a short tram ride/about a 20 minute walk to the Melbourne CBD.

How is GlobalEx different to GHC?

GlobalEx pitches itself as a high level, workshop and leadership focused event with a stronger academic focus and prior knowledge base/experience level than a larger event such as GHC.
The two work in unison to allow AMSA to offer high level global health education at all levels of interest and experience.