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About GlobalEx

GlobalEx is AMSA’s newest national event – a leadership seminar designed for medical students with a passion for global health.

      • In 2014, GlobalEx will host 50 delegates in Melbourne, from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of July.
      • We aim to bring together Australia’s most active, innovative and committed medical students who share a passion for global health.
      • GlobalEx will inspire medical students passionate about social justice to put health on the agenda of social change, and provide them with the skills and connections to do so.
      • The event is designed to increase the ability of medical students to contribute to their MedSocs, Global Health Groups, AMSA, and to community organisations in general. It will also help bridge the gap between interest in global health as a medical student and the capacity for sustained action as a junior doctor.
      • The name “GlobalEx” was developed from the event’s desire to “explore, excite and extend” the involvement of medical students in global health.


Philosophy of GlobalEx

Australian medical students are demonstrating rapidly increasing interest in global health, with GHGs and other global health initiatives building capacity. GlobalEx reaffirms AMSA’s commitment to global health, and role in providing opportunities to engage in the area. GlobalEx builds skills and connections that empower medical students to lead action on global health inequities. The seminar aims to tap the potential of a globally engaged generation with a passion to take action for fairer societies and healthier lives.

GlobalEx aims to mobilise medical students and use their unique perspective to develop multidisciplinary initiatives to tackle global health issues. We want to create an environment where ideas flourish, and provide the support to turn these ideas into real-world actions.


The Academic Program

Approximately half of the academic program will comprise of a series of plenaries, forums, interviews and discussions with a range of global health leaders. Additionally, this half of the program will have a heavy focus on hands-on skills development sessions.

The second major component of the academic program will consist of project development workshops in small groups of approximately 8 delegates, spread across the three days. Each group will focus on one global health issue. These small “family groups” will then be taken through a process of brainstorming, project design, and development. Delegates will create and deliver a project “pitch” at the conclusion of the seminar, which aims to develop vital presentation skills. These projects may be provided with mentorship and/or funding at the discretion of a panel of social entrepreneurs and global health leaders. This will allow GlobalEx to have a significant impact on our global and local communities within AMSA, MedSocs and GHGs – and will provide students with a “live” opportunity to develop their leadership and collaboration skills.



In 2014 GlobalEx will be held at the Nossal Institute for Global Health at the University of Melbourne.

Delegates will be required to cover the following costs for GlobalEx 2014:

  • $170 for registration fees
  • $109 for accommodation fees at the Space Hotel, Melbourne
  • Transport to and from the accommodation in Melbourne
  • One dinner on the Friday night which is not included in the registration fee

Accommodation, social venues and academic venues will all be within walking distance in the Melbourne CBD. Information regarding the use of public transport will be provided in the event of inclement weather.


The application process

The application process for GlobalEx will select 50 reflective, introspective, informed, and compassionate students with a special passion for global health. The application itself will take on the form of a series of written questions, assessing the motivation, values and leadership experience of applicants. The questions have been developed meticulously to reflect these requirements. Applications are available at the Application Form link in the header; or the form is available on the separate page HERE.